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18 Racquetball Technologies Found Only In E-Force Racquets! 

Inventions only for racquetball.  Created only by E-Force.  Only found in E-Force racquets!

Our time and court tested 18 High Performance Technologies are designed to improve everyone’s on court performance . . . from beginner to pro. 

At E-Force we are proud our inventions have stood the test of time.  Rather than relevant for a season or two, E-Force technologies are important and found in our racquets years after invention.  For example, the Fission, our current top performing racquet, includes 14 time proven E-Force technologies.

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PowerFlex Throat –  The PowerFlex throat dramatically increases racquet throat flexibility creating more racquet “whip” and delivering driving power directly to the ball.  The frame deflects in the throat only so the desired head stiffness and power is maintained.  The PowerFlex design further reduces frame torsion and twisted. 

5 Zone Technology –  5 distinct racquet frame zones are created by fusing nearly 40 graphite laminates into precise racquet head locations. Consistent power and control are maximized across the entire racquet face as each “Zone” is designed for optimum performance. Five Zone Technology provides greater power and accuracy on even off center hits.

DarkStar 1 Extreme Longstring1
Extreme LongString –  All strings, both mains and crosses, are as long as possible completely unobstructed “in free space”.  Tremendous power is created as these “Long Strings” allow greater deflection over the racquet’s entire strung surface.  All 14 mainstrings extend from the racquet tip unobstructed completely through the hollow graphite handle.  Our exclusive Dual Cylinder frame construction allows all cross strings to extend to the frame’s outside perimeter (not the inner frame wall).  The strings cannot be longer.  Massive Power!

G2 Power Boosters - Total string bed vibration is now reduced by over 30 inches of mid frame large diameter Booster Tubes strategically placed on both ends of 11 cross strings.   Power is maintained while providing shot accuracy and confidence across the entire string bed.

DarkStar 6 ZeroRichter
Zero Richter Tubes X2 –  Second generation Zero Richter tubes.  Now, all 14 mains are each encased in extended flexible vibration damping “Richter Tubes”;hidden in the handle with each extending approximately 9 inches from handle end into the lower string bed.  Zero Richter Tubes X2 total an incredible damping 126 inches or 10 feet!  Vibration is completely minimized to just the right amount for the necessary touch to keep you in control..

DarkStar 8 Dual Cylinder
Dual Cylinder Frame –  A different frame.  Rather than standard one composite cylinder construction, Dual Cylinder is two graphite cylinders connected at the frame’s outer edge by a thin graphite bridge.  Desired frame flex is allowed while limiting unwanted flex, frame distortion and twist.  The Dual Cylinder walls are thicker for increased durability while also reducing frame twist and distortion. Power is increased as the strings are now anchored at bridge’s outside edge for greater string length and longer G2 Power Boosters.

GC Power Fibers – Advanced extremely stiff yet very light weight graphite fibers are strategically laminated in the frame so that upon ball contact the frame maintains shape and does not distort. Otherwise wasted energy is now delivered to the ball; while at the same time reducing racquet torsion and twisting.
(Note: Not all graphite is the same. Graphite is available with many different grades and characteristics and of course costs. E-Force racquets are hand crafted using up to 40 individual graphite pieces which are laminated into one frame. Our racquets are made with a number of different graphites. GC Power Fibers are in every way an expensive specialty graphite.)

DarkStar 4 PowerhouseShaft
PowerHouse Shaft –  An increased 6 inch hollow handle (rather than more typical 5 inches solid handle) without reducing the full, unobstructed in free space, 22 inch mainstring lengths.  Allows more gripping options during rallies while also providing more hitting leverage and power.

DarkStar 3 LaunchPad
Launch Pad Technology –  Lower throat cross strings reduce string bed deflection which reduces power without providing significant usable hitting surface. Launch Pad Technology removes not necessary lower string bed cross strings, increasing string bed deflection and power without loss of strung hitting area.

DarkStar 910 bypass stringing
ByPass Stringing System –  More power and livelier ball response due to the center mainstrings “By Passing” or skipping every two holes at the racquet’s tip. Unlike other racquets where the strings do not skip holes, the ball never hits two directly connected mainstrings, allowing substantially more string movement and string bed resilience.

DarkStar 9 Hi Compression wing
Hi-Compression Wing –  Fast, quick, maneuverable and more durable. Made possible by Dual Cylinder frame construction, ultra-thin aerodynamic frame shape with super thick durable frame cylinder walls.

DarkStar 911 TotalCarbonHead
Total Carbon Head –  More graphite in racquet head by replacing paint, plastic and non-structural materials at the racquet tip with additional graphite. Increases head stiffness which reduces frame distortion and adds both power and durability.

Sector 5 Technology –  The racquet frame, composite layup and design, are segmented into  5 distinct racquet frame sectors.  Each sector’s graphite construction is hand crafted to optimize that area’s power and control   Together, each sector meshes together with the others for more consistent power and control across the entire racquet face.

Power Booster G1 – E-Force's breakthrough Power Booster technologies. Both ends of the 7 sweetspot cross strings are surrounded by a total of 14 inches of vibration reducing and frame stabilizing tubes. Vibration is reduced and the stringbed more stable even on off center shots.

LongString –  Increased power is created by extending the 8 center mainstrings unobstructed in free space from the racquet tip through the hollow and to the end of the racquet.  Each center main is nearly 30% or 6 inches longer than in conventional frames; with the combined length 48 inches longer!  The longer strings deflect more, storing more energy, and creating a more powerful shot!

DarkStar 2 22 Longstring
22" LongString –  All 14 main strings extend the full 22 inches unobstructed in free space from the racquet head though the entire hollow graphite handleAdding 84 more inches with each string nearly 30% longer strings than in conventional racquets, the entire stringbed deflects the racquets full 22” for even more power!

DarkStar 7 220
Zero Richter Tubes –  Eight center mainstrings are encased in 52 inches of vibration damping Zero Richter Tubes hidden in the handle and extending the complete distance from the lower throat to the handle end.  Vibration is greatly reduced resulting in a smooth feel and increased ball control..

DarkStar 2 22 Longstring
Fiber Alignment Techonology (FAT Zones) –  More racquet head strength, stiffness and power are created by “pushing out” and straightening graphite fibers in high stress curved areas of the frame.