New for 2022:

E-Force’s best and most powerful racquet yet!  Our New PowerFlex Throat dramatically increases throat flex and deflection delivering  driving  power into every shot. The PowerFlex throat is fully integrated with 14 additional E-Force Technologies giving you the power and performance you require  for  every aspect of you game.


New for 2022:

The New Sector 5 Plus +reengineers and refines our 5 Sector Technology for enhanced performance and durability.  A fully integrated, powerful and consistent hitting surface is created by fusing five different frame sections.  Each of these frame areas is designed and constructed for maximum performance.  When synergistically and inclusively combined, the entire racquet becomes a point scoring machine.




Enduring Performance

A top player’s favorite, the Takeover comprehensively combines 12 E-Force technologies into a kill shot scoring stick.  Power, accuracy, touch and consistent hitting area allow you to swing with confidence for the best possible shot from any position and anywhere in the court.




E-Force’s all time best selling performance racquet.  For tournaments or recreational play, incredible power and playability makes this legendary racquet one of the most lethal racquets on any court, anywhere.  170 grams light with 7 E-Force Technologies.



It's more than Racquetball

It's a Fitness Lifestyle

racquets 2021 11 Pod
$229.95 - $249.95*
racquets 2021 11 Pod2
$189.95 - 209.95*
racquets 2021 11 Pod3
 $189.95 - 209.95*
racquets 2021 11 Pod4

* Up to 4 weights available. Price varies with weight.

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