sec5 fix

S E C T O R  F I V E  T E C H N O L O G Y

Total Racquet Explosive Power! Creating five distinct frame zones, Sector 5 Technology fuses together over 40 individual and precisely placed graphite laminates. Each of the 5 “sectors” is fined tuned to provide massive power. And when all 5 sectors are combined unparalleled performance.


An extremely rigid racquet head is formed by near unidirectional graphite fibers. At both the corners and lower frame, stiff, light and torsion resistant GC Power Fibers are positioned on either side of a center zone of numerous multi directional carbon plies. Tremendous power and racquet snap are generated by an extremely flexible throat.


A total kill zone, integrating the 5 Sectors into one continuous frame provides insane power allowing you to dominate the court.


Massive Power and Total Control! Sector 5 Technology provides point dominating frame response over the entire racquet hitting surface. How? Creating 5 distinct frame sectors,E-Force maximizes each region by fusing together over 40 individual graphite pieces. These composite materials are selected, precisely formed and strategically positioned to optimize each sector’s performance. The five sectors are combined strategically resulting in a total frame that is even more powerful than the powerful sectors themselves!


You get lethal power and unrelenting control everywhere on the frame . . . and from any place on the court!