X1-Black - Ultimate Speed off the Racquet


The E-Force X1-Black racquet . . . outstanding price performance power racquet. Upgraded with new Power technologies and patented inventions found only in E-Force racquetball racquets.
Vibration damping Zero Richter Tubes combined with 22" Longstring.  The entire racquet face that is a hitting-power kill zone for both on and off center hits.
X1-Black, Tear Drop - $39.95


1. The X1-Black power racquet technologies! 

22” LongStringEight center mains extend the entire 22 inches in free space from head though the entire hollow graphite handle allowing greater total stringbed deflection; resulting in tremendous power.

Bypass Stringing SystemMainstrings “Bypass” or skip two holes before re-entering stringbed so ball never strikes two directly connected mainstring segments. Livelier string bed, better ball response, more power and less string breakage.

Monster String Holes - Giant 2.53 sq. cm. holes allow sweetspot main and cross strings to extend in free space to the outside edges of the frame.  The strings are effectively longer resulting in greater stringbed deflect and further increasing power.

2. The X1-Black contains E-Force's patented Vibration Minimization, Control and Shot Accuracy Technologies

Zero Richter TubesThe 8 center mains are each encased in 6.5 inches of flexible “Richter Tubes” hidden in the handle and extending onto the lower throat area strings.  Totaling over 50 inches, the tubes minimize vibration to just the right amount for the necessary touch to keep you in control.

22” LongString Combined with Zero Richter TubesThe 22” mains extending through the handle create tremendous power.  The vibration associated with this power is reduced to the minimum desired by addition of the 60 inches, or 6.5 inches per string, Zero Richter Tubes.  The “tubes” also dramatically facilitate re-stringing through the hollow handle