Power in your hands!

The Lethal shot!  Reload!  And fire again and again . . . point after point!  Power technologies and patented inventions found only in E-Force racquetball

Hi-modulus high stiffness to weigh advance graphite construction.  Each of the many individual graphite parts are strategically positioned and laminated so each point on the frame is optimized to maximize performance.

E-Force’s Dual Cylinder frame provides power and durability while also creating the longest possible free space cross and head strings.  22“ LongString and LongString Super Mains produce the longest possible main strings.  Exclusive to E-Force, every racquet string is the maximum length possible in free space, increasing string bed deflection for
opponent shattering power –
Extreme LongString.

Vibration damping Zero Richter Tubes combined with newly added original Power Boosters result in a solid hitting surface over the entire racquet face. You hit with power. You hit with confidence .  The entire racquet face that is a hitting-power kill zone for both on and off center hits.

A short shafted racquet, the Lethal Reload includes is equipped with six additional E-Force inventions for extreme Lethal and deadly performance.

Available:  160 gram Quadraform, 170 gram Tri-Tear, 175 gram Quadraform and 190 gram Tri-Tear.


Lethal Reload Technologies - Lethal Reload Gallery

Lethal Reload - Shoot Down Any Opponent

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