HeatSeeker 3.0 -  Target and Destroy


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“Smoking” Power.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Heatseeker 3.0 delivers an opponent slaying high kill to shot ratio!

Devastating power combined with pinpoint accuracy delivers the ball speed and shot location to “smoke” your opponent.

The Heekseeker 3.0 is a multi-piece, layered and intricate hand crafted hi-modulus frame.  The “3.0” comes “standard” with 13 E-Force point scoring inventions designed specifically for
racquetball . . . and not tennis!

Extreme LongString – Including 22” LongString, LongString Super Mains and Dual Cylinder enhanced cross strings.

Dual Cylinder Construction
Zero Richter Tube vibration damping
Power House Shaft
Power Boosters
Launch Pad Technology
High Compression Wing Construction
By-Pass Stringing System
Fiber Alignment Technology – “FAT Zones”
Total Carbon Head
Tri-Carbon Frame

Target and destroy.  The court is yours!  Heetseeker 3.0 is bludgeoning power.  Laser accuracy.  Kill it.  Pass it.  Drive it.  Point after point.  Game after game. 

Available:  160 gram Quadraform, 170 gram Tri-Tear, 175 gram Quadraform and 190 gram Tri-Tear.

Price Range:   $170.00 to $200.00

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