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The Total Racquet

Powerful. Solid. Damp. A point scoring, competitor domination machine. Devastating to your opponent while pushing your game to extremes thought not possible.

Under the paint, the Apocalypse is a composition of over 50 individual discrete pieces of hi-modulus graphite, each hand positioned and strategically located, layered and molded into a single hitting structure. Not tennis . . . racquetball only inventions, only available in E-Force racquets and developed over 20 years, are synergistically combined with this fined tuned graphite structure.

Second Generation “G2” Power Booster tubes encase almost one yard of sweet spot cross strings. Each “boostered” string is stabilized, thereby stabilizing the entire string bed while putting more mass near the ball. Sweet spot and off center hits are more powerful while reducing vibration for a damp “hot knife through butter” feel.

E-Force’s exclusive Extreme Long String Technology generates massive power keeping you on the offensive and your competitor chasing the ball. Combining E-Force’s patented LongString and Dual Cylinder inventions, all strings are the longest possible in free space for maximum stringbed deflection and crushing power.


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Welcome To The Apocalypse

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